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Do you want to buy a new home but need to sell your existing home first? Buy and Sell simultaneously!

Are you thinking about upgrading homes or possibly downgrading but aren’t sure what your money can get you in todays market? Don’t put your home on the market just yet. Let’s schedule some showings and see what Maine listings are out there in your price range first. No reason to sell if there’s nothing out there you want to buy. If you like what you see than we can list your home and start looking for the next one. Selling and buying at the same time is a delicate dance, but it is doable. We can make the new sale contingent on the successful sale of your current home. Lets talk about the details and see if this plan can work for you. Call Stephanie Pedersen Today to talk about Maine Real Estate! 207-939-9404
Some common questions that are asked about buying and selling simultaneously:
If we find a buyer for our current home and we are under contract to purchase the next home, when will we close on the old and new home? You can close on the home you’re selling and the home you are buying on the same day. We can also line it up to close on the new home a day or week after the closing on the old home. It all depends on what works for you.
I’m curious about how my home compares to similar homes that are on the market. Where can I view current Maine listings? Click the Maine listings photo in the right sidebar to view current homes on the market.
I want to get the most amount of money possible for my home. Should I wait to sell my home when the Maine real estate market recovers? Absolutely not! If you are planning on buying and selling simutaneously then you will be buying in the same market you are selling in. If you wait to sell your home so you can get more for it, then you will likely pay more for the home are buying. 
How many Maine listings are currently on the market? Is inventory currently low or high? Is this something I should consider when I list my home and look for another? This is absolutely something you should consider! Call Stephanie today and she can give you todays current information on how many homes are currently on the market and whether inventory is currently high or low. Stephanie (207) 939-9404